EQUAVEL - Early QUality Assurance approaches in noVEL software production environments (PID2022-137646OB-C32)
TestBUS - Testing Beyond Unit and SQL (PID2019-105455GB-C32)
TestTEAMoS - Testing emergent technology applications: massive data processing and NoSQL Databases (TIN2016-76956-C3-1-R)
PERTEST - Testing of data persistence and user perspective for new paradigms (TIN2013-46928-C3-1-R)
Test4DBS - Test methods for applications with databases and services (TIN2010-20057-C03-01)
Test4SOA - Techniques for Functional Testing in Service Oriented Architectures (TIN2007-67843-C06-01)
IN2TEST - Integration of automated testing techniques in the software development & maintenance process (TIN2004-06689-C03-02)
PRALIN - Software Product Line Testing (PAC08-0121-1374/SV-09-UCLM-1)
MPPP - Software Testing Methodology for the Principality of Asturias (CN-07-168/08-073)
ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 - Software Testing Standard
RePRIS - Software Testing Network (TIN2005-24792-E, TIN2007-30391-E)