Test4Data - Database testing tools

QAShrink - Query-Aware Shrink Test Databases
Application for reducing the size of a test database. It starts from considering an initial database and the set of queries that are executed against it. The database is reduced in order to preserve the SQLFpc coverage (Full Predicate Coverage or MCDC) of the data with respect to the queries.
SQLFpc - Generation of Full Predicate Coverage Rules for testing SQL database queries
A system that generates coverage rules for attaining Full Predicate Coverage or MCDC of SQL SELECT statements. It can be used from a browser using a simple Web interface, or from other applications that consume a Web Service. The user only has to specify the SQL query and some information about the database schema.
SQLMutation - Generation of mutants for SQL database queries
A mutation system for database queries. It generates mutants of SQL SELECT statements from a browser using a simple Web interface or from other applications that consume a Web Service. The user only has to specify the SQL query to be mutated and some information about the database schema.
SQLRules - Coverage Evaluation for SQL Database Queries
A standalone application for evaluating the coverage of SQL database queries. Coverage criteria are implemented in a set of rules, that when evaluated with respect to a given database determine the coverage of the database with respect to the query. Two kind of coverage criteria are supported: SQLMutation and SQLFpc.
XDBSchema - Generation of a Database Schema in XML
A standalone application that generates an XML representation of a database using a jdbc connection to the database. This format is required by some tools like SQLMutation and SQLFpc.
DruidaTest - Specification-Based Testing of Database Applications
This application allows specifying the application behaviour taking into account the user interface and database interactions. It automates the evaluation of test coverage against the specification and assists the tester in completing the test cases in order to increase the test coverage.

Other tools

SLACT - SLA Combinatorial Testing tool
This tool automates the process of the generation of tests that take an SLA as a test basis by using combinatorial testing techniques.
TestSheet - Excel add-in for test definition
An Excel 2003 Add-in that allows to define system requirements, testing requirements and test cases using excel sheets, with additional capabilities to manage the traceability and summary reports using pivot tables and charts (Spanish only).
SQLTest - SQL Testing exercises
Allows the execution of a number of program and SQL testing exercises. From a single window the user may create, execute and evaluate a test suite against a query (Spanish only).
Management of software problem reports and requests (internal usage).